Running Interactively

Deprecated since version 0.9: --filter-asn and --filter-prefix

New in version 0.10: Metadata in JSON format

Routinator can perform RPKI validation as a one-time operation and print a validated ROA payload (VRP) list in various formats using the vrps subcommand and specifying the desired format.


If you have installed Routinator through the NLnet Labs software package repository, the installation script will set up the application to run as a service. You should not run Routinator as a daemon and interactively at the same time on the same machine.

For example, to print the VRPs in CSV format to standard output, run:

routinator vrps --format csv

To generate a file with with the validated ROA payloads in JSON format, run:

routinator vrps --format json --output authorisedroutes.json

During the validation process, logging information will be printed to standard error. You can influence the amount of details returned with the --verbose and --quiet options. To learn more about what kind of information returned, refer to the Logging section.

In case you are looking for specific information in the output, Routinator allows you to add selectors to see if a prefix or ASN is covered or matched by a VRP. You can do this using the --select-asn and --select-prefix options.

When using --select-asn, you can use both AS64511 and 64511 as the notation. With --select-prefix, the result will include VRPs regardless of their ASN and MaxLength. Both selector flags can be combined and used multiple times in a single query and will be treated as a logical “or”.

A validation run will be started before returning the result, making sure you get the latest information. If you would like a result from the current cache, you can use the --noupdate option.

Here is an example selecting VRPs related to a specific ASN, produced in JSON format:

routinator vrps --format json --select-asn 196615

This results in:

  "metadata": {
    "generated": 1626853335,
    "generatedTime": "2021-07-21T07:42:15Z"
  "roas": [
    { "asn": "AS196615", "prefix": "2001:7fb:fd03::/48", "maxLength": 48, "ta": "ripe" },
    { "asn": "AS196615", "prefix": "2001:7fb:fd04::/48", "maxLength": 48, "ta": "ripe" },
    { "asn": "AS196615", "prefix": "", "maxLength": 24, "ta": "ripe" }