API Endpoints

The HTTP service supports GET requests on the following paths:


Returns exhaustive information in JSON format on all trust anchors, repositories, RRDP and rsync connections, as well as RTR and HTTP sessions. This data set provides the source for the Routinator user interface.


Returns a JSON object describing whether the route announcement given by its origin AS Number and address prefix is RPKI valid, invalid, or not found. A complete list of VRPs that caused the result is included.


Same as above but with a more form-friendly calling convention.

/json-delta, /json-delta?session=session?serial=serial

Returns a JSON object with the changes since the dataset version identified by the session and serial query parameters. If a delta cannot be produced from that version, the full data set is returned and the member reset in the object will be set to true. In either case, the members session and serial identify the version of the data set returned and their values should be passed as the query parameters in a future request.

The members announced and withdrawn contain arrays with route origins that have been announced and withdrawn, respectively, since the provided session and serial. If reset is true, the withdrawn member is not present.

In addition, the /log endpoint returns logging information and the /metrics, /status and /version endpoints provide monitoring data.

New in version 0.9.0: The /json-delta path

Changed in version 0.9.0: The /api/v1/status path